The command to solve a problem in SIF format contained in the file probname.SIF is

runcutest -p osqp -D probname.SIF

See the man page for runcutest for more details or other options.

The default OSQP settings used in CUTEst appear in the OSQP.SPC file. Optionally, new parameter values to overwrite the default values can be stored in a file OSQP.SPC in the directory where the runcutest command is executed. The format of the file OSQP.SPC is the parameter name starting in the first column followed by one or more spaces and then the parameter value. The parameter names are case sensitive. If the parameter value is true or false, then use 1 for true and 0 for false.

For more details see the README.osqp file in the CUTEst repository.